Width Height Depht
Car Bed 135 cm 55 cm 230 cm
Premium Rear Seat 89 cm 72 cm 11 cm
Wardrobe 2 Doors 90 cm 206 cm 61 cm
Wardrobe Single Door 45 cm 196 cm 65 cm
Gas Station (Dresser) 90 cm 145 cm 61 cm
Study Desk 110 cm 100 cm 70 cm
- 50 % Melamine, 50 % abs acrylic plated moulded plastic.
- Melamine parts majority 18 mm , E1 standard.
- Patterned boards are digital uv print system.
- 18 mm E1 standard melamine for internal parts of plastic moulded units.
- 1mm edge banding.
- Soft close doors English Titus brand.
- Connection system is Minifix holders Titus brand.
- 2 doors and 1 door individual wardrobe to provide limitless closet chance regarding necessity of your rooms.
- Metal handles.
- Gas pump shape dresser with moulded abs and oil gun to have entartinment for kids to full of their car beds tanks.
- Gas pump top storage door is supported with lift.
- Moulded plastic study desk.
- Premium Police car bed with following functions ;
- Made by Abs moulded plastic, leather upholstery and melamine E1 standard.
- Bluetooth system speaker proived connection to your phone to play any music or sound for kids by parents.
- Police sound and police flash light that can be controlled by remote controller.
- Opening doors to give more realistic athmosphere kids to jumpin bed like real cars.
- Optional Leather Premium headboard seat for supporting backside of kids and to lean back by sitting position.
- Leather Premium internal covering layer to avoid kids to smash their body to though point while sleeping.
- Led lighting on 4 wheels.
- Led head lighting.
- Led fog lighting with police animated colours.
- Led xenon blue colour lights unders 2 buttoms sides of car bed.
- Remote Controller ( Manage lights and sounds)
- 4 different music from remote controller ( Engine, Police syrens, click click, Race car).
- Solid wood strong matress basement for the bed.
- Spoiler or Rear seat decorative applicable accessory choice for headboard side of the bed
- 3,5 mm Abd moulded plastic body supported with moulded wood inside plastic body to avoid easy damagement.
- 18 mm E1 standard melamine for internal parts of bed.
- Catalogue colour is available in serial manufacturing.
- 90X190 cm matress is suitable for bed.